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Åmotfors kyrka

The church was inaugurated in 1961. The inside is formed like a ship, and the wood sculptured weapons house is associat...

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Eda Church

Built in 1835, replaced a medieval wooden church. Still remaining from the medieval church are a baptismal font, made o...

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Old cemetery, Nolby

Eda Church was situated at this place until 1835

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Gamla kyrkplatsen, Klevane

Here was the old church situated before 1689

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Gamla kyrkplatsen Stommen, Järnskog

The old church of Järnskog was situated here before 1699

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Hälle Church

A cave formation from the ice age

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Järnskog Church

The church was inaugurated in 1699, but it was not until 1729 that the tower was finished. The Sacristy was done back i...

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Köla Church

The church was inaugurated in 1702. Worth seeing are the baptismal font from the 13th century and the church bell, with...

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Lersjöns kapell

The Chapel was inaugurated in 1960. The chapel is unique because of its location on the Swedish side of the border, but...

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Skillingmark Church

The church was built in 1689 and it has been restored several times. A small alter piece, a baptismal font of soapstone...

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Eskoleia Uligama

A part of the Pilgrim Hiking trail