Bathing areas in Eda

There are many bathing lakes in the Eda. At most plants are dressing rooms, restrooms, docks, tables, benches and lifesaving equipment.

Vadjungens swimming area is on Lake Vadjungen five kilometers west of Koppom.
Häljeboda swimming area is located at the lake dike. Kiosk and cafeteria during certain periods in the summer.
Kyrkviken swimming area is on Lake Hugn next Köla church in Adolfsfors.
Sandviken bathing area is located by Lake Hugn near Valfjället.
Bönnäsets camping facility located at Askesjön in Skillingsfors.
Haga Näsets camping facility located at Bysjön between Åmotfors Charlottenberg and after the highway 61st
Flogned swimming area is on Lake Ränken in Flogned.
The bathing in Åmotfors called Lögarberget and located at Nysockensjön in Åmotfors.

At Gränsrasta motels, Charlottenberg is a heated 25-meter outdoor pool. It was not open during 2014.

See also information on the municipal website