2013 års seniorcruising genomfördes fredagen den 7 juni. Kommunens äldreboende fick en fin åktur när Åmotfors motorklubb ställde upp med ett dussin bilar för färd till Köla församlingshem.


Just like Rome, there are many roads that lead to Eda.

The main rail between Oslo and Stockholm pass through Åmotfors and Charlottenberg, with many trains in both directions. Also Regional trains from Karlstad with connection to trains from Sunne or Gothenburg.

Highway 61 - the ancient Road of Kings between Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and St. Petersburg - enters the municipality shortly before Åmotfors and passes Charlottenberg on its way to the border, where it changes into the Norwegian Highway 2. There are buses to Charlottenberg from Arvika and Kongsvinger. The latter is also connected with buses and trains to Oslo and Gardermoen Airport.

From Årjäng in the south you travel through the county road 172 to Vännacka where you turn onto county road 177 that leads into Eda to Koppom and Åmotfors.

In Morokulien starts (or stops) Finnskogleden - a 240 km walking trail that winds back and forth across the border all the way up to Trysil in Norway.There is a walking trail following the entire border between Sweden and Norway, called the Border stitch or "Grensesömmen", stretching from Halden to Treriksröset, a trek of 2,400 kilometers.

From Värmlandsnäs shore of Lake Vänern, meander a pilgrimage up through the south east of Värmland. It enters through Säffle, Arvika and Sulvik, and follows the former railway track through Koppom up to Skillingmark where it crosses the Norwegian border to Vestmarka and about 500 km later, arrives at Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.

From Norwegian Vestmarka you can travel by canoe or kayak on the waterway through Eda and eventually leading to lake Vänern.