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Vita Älgen in Åmotfors is a Workshop and representation hotel with a history since the late 1700s. They only accept guests by reservation and with references.

Welcome to Värdshuset Vita Älgen ("The White Moose Inn" or "The Spirit Moose Inn" as the First Nations would name it). Hospitable since 1762. The kitchen is special and personal. They use local ingrediences such as meat, fish and vegetables. They do not run a menu as such, but present the guests with a menu of the best of each season. They also run a publishing Company with internationally prized cooking books and organizes art exhibitions in Åmotfors station building. Åmotfors is situated by the railroad between Oslo and Stockholm. 2 hrs by train to Oslo. 3 hrs to Stockholm. If you fly in, the nearest is Oslo Airport, Gardermoen.

Vita Älgen
Källarmästare Olssons väg 3
67040 Åmotfors
+46 57130860

Vita Älgen

Adress Åmotfors

Vita Älgen in Åmotfors is a hotel for workshops and representation. It has a history of being a coaching inn in the late 1700s - and as inn for food and lodging since the 1880s. Vita Älgen will only accept guest groups by ordering and with reference.

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Open all year for pre-booked guests.