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Cykelled Eda

The most beautiful bike tour goes around the lakes Bysjön and Hugn. The terrain is easy and there is plenty to see alon...

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Kiölåsens Skidstadion

Enjoy a lovely tour with cross-country skis on ready made tracks

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Eda Rytterförening

Die Anlage ist behindertengerecht ausgestattet

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Pilgrimsleden Eda

The Pilgrim trail in Eda and West Värmland follow the old pilgrim route coming from the South. Today we walk in order t...

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We organize horseriding through our beautiful Värmland nature! There is a great possibility to see wildlife on our ride...

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Sagesätra - Järnskog - Fjäll

Sagesätra - Järnskog - Fjäll. Es gibt 2 Langlauf loipen von 7,0 km und 9,0 km

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Valfjället Skicenter

Alpine skiing and cross-country

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Finnskogleden Wanderweg

Exciting hiking trail along the border between Sweden and Norway. This trail crosses the national border several times

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Charlottenberg Bibliothek

A good venue for children, youngsters, adults and seniors. Here you find room for thoughts, discussions, reading, event...

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CW:s Natural Horsecare turridning

Med stor vikt på naturlighet erbjuds ridlektioner och ridturer, utanför Charlottenberg. Vår flock består av 5 islandshä...

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Åmotfors bibliotek

At Åmotfors Library you can borrow books, magazines, movies on dvd or VHS, cd records, 1 computer with word processing ...

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Backwater Kajak

Kayaking is a great way to experience nature. You travel at your own pace and have the chance to see wildlife up close

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Femkamp för grupper

Welcome to book some fun hours with us! Choose five activities from our list, such as Robin Hood, Lucky Luke or Get a h...

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Femkamp för grupper

Welcome to book some fun hours with us! Choose five activities from our list, such as Robin Hood, Lucky Luke or Get a h...

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The knitting-café in Koppom that became a handicraft-café! You knit, embroider, crochet, have coffee and loan books

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Stickcaféet i Koppom som blev hantverkscafé. Vi stickar, virkar, broderar, fikar och lånar böcker! Alla är hjärtligt vä...

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Morokulien Fredsplats

Welcome to organize an exhibition in Morokulien Peace Park

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Morokulien Fredsplats

Välkommen att arrangera en utställning i Fredsriket Morokulien

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Vällens badplats, Häljeboda

The swimming area has facilities which include changing rooms, toilets, bridges, tables, benches and lifesaving equipme...

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Backwater Outdoor - Fahrradverleih

Radfahren ist eine großartige Möglichkeit, die Natur zu erleben. Sie reisen ruhig und haben die Chance, Wildtiere aus n...

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Hälle Fishing Camp

The cottages are located near Ränken Lake with fishing possibilities. There is also a sauna and wolf, beaver and moose ...

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Eda Golfklub Noresund

Vacker 18-hålsbana vid sjön Hugn, restaurang och övernattningsmöjligheter i Herrgårdsannexet

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Nolgårdshästar HB

Go by horse and carriage in Nolgårds beautiful surroundings - to a barbecue spot? Rent a carriage for a special occasio...

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Kulturwanderung in Charlottenberg

Take a tour walking around Charlottenberg on your own and get to know it's history, architecture and people

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Eda Hembygdsgård, Sjögervål

The heritage center arranges entertainment on Sundays during the Summer, and also Celebration of National Day and Midsu...

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Badplats Kyrkviken, Hugn

The swimming area is on Lake Hugn next to Köla church in Adolfsfors. At the facility you find changing rooms, toilets, ...

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Toppstugan Valfjället

Newly renovated top cabin at Valfjällstoppen

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Fiske i Eda

In Eda Municipality there are several fishing-areas that sell fishing-cards

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Badplats - Häljeboda

Badplatsen ligger vid sjön Vällen i Häljeboda

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Badplats - Kyrkviken

Badplatsen ligger vid sjön Hugn intill Köla kyrka i Adolfsfors

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Badplats - Lerot

En mindre badplats vid Bysjön i Lerot

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Badplats - Lögarberga

Badplatsen ligger vid Nysockensjön i Åmotfors

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Badplats - Sandviken

En mindre badplats vid sjön Hugn i Gryttved

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Skridskoåkning - Gränshallen

Come and grab some lovely ice skates

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Skridskoåkning - Gränshallen

Kom och ta några härliga skridskoskär

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Fritidsbanken Eda

Fritidsbanken i Eda

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Här finns ridbana, stallplatser-

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Edastolpen 2020

Pågår den 5 maj - 30 september 2020

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Fiskepaket i Skillingsfors

Fiskepaket med guide, varaktighet 4 timmar

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Kajakuthyrning - Hotell Charlottenberg

Nu finns möjlighet till Kajakuthyrning