The Corner Café & Buffet

Café with coffee/tea and pastries. Bread and pastry from our own bakery. Buffé meals with pizza and pancakes at a fixed price of 79 kr, at Thon Shopping Center Nord, Morast.

The café section serves Espresso, Cafè Latte, Cappucino, daily, fresh sandwiches, pastries and ice cream. The cafeteria is open: Monday-Saturday between 11.00 am - 5.00 pm. On Sundays it is closed. Pizza is served daily between 11:00 am - 20:00pm

Thon Shoppingcenter Nord

67392 Charlottenberg

Längs riksväg 61 i Morast, strax norr om Vrångsälven i Charlottenberg. Affärer och café / bufférestaurang.

Infart från rv 61, norr om avfart till Charlottenberg centrum.

Open every day between 10 am - 9 pm.