MaxiMat Café

Here are the bits and pieces for everyone, like sausage & bread, salad, sandwiches, simple lunch dishes, coffee, lemonades, cakes, pastries, etc.

We have some pre-cooked lunches to take with you. You can also buy pastries, newspapers, tobacco and ice cream, as well as the center's gift card. You can also pre-order food for your party. Minimum order is for six people and your order should be submitted within three days in advance.

MaxiMat Café
Helga Görlins gata 1
67332 Charlottenberg
+46 57128888

Charlottenbergs Shoppingcenter

Adress Charlottenberg

Två shoppingcenter med 65 butiker och 2500 parkeringsplatser.

In Charlottenberg Mall.

FalseFoto: Anders Berglund