Cultural hiking track in Charlottenberg

Walk a tour around Charlottenberg on your own and get to know it's history, architecture and people.

The Culture walk starts and ends at the town square in Charlottenberg and the walk is about 10 km. Map, pins and IVV stamps can be bought at Morokulien Tourist Center or at the Citizens Office in Charlottenberg. The map shows the trail, and all the objects and their history are described shortly in the folder. The folder is not yet available in English.

Morokulien Tourist Center
Fredsgatan 1
67393 Morokulien
+46 57128370

Eda kommun

673 31 Charlottenberg

Kommunhuset ligger centralt i Charlottenberg. P-platser för anställda och besökare. I huset finns Medborgarkontoret i receptionen.