Pole hunt - healthiness with a map

Eda Pole hunt starts on 9 May til 30 September, you can look for poles in Charlottenberg, Koppom and Åmotfors.

Your mission is to find as many poles as possible. You can get a map at Spinnhjulet in Skillingsfors, Bygga in Koppom, Morokulien Tourist Center, the bank offices of Westra Wermlands Sparbank, Konsum stores or any Library in Eda. In every section of the map, there are 30 poles with different levels of difficulty. Besides getting a lot of exercise, you also have the opportunity to win great prizes. Registration of found poles is done by cutting the form from the map and take it to any Library in Eda or email a photo of the form to mimmi.adolfson@eda.se. Good hunting!

Orienteringsklubben Hierne
Rönnvägen 27
67141 Arvika

Åmotfors OK
Strömslundsgatan 8
67040 Åmotfors
+46 057130388

Eda kommun

673 31 Charlottenberg

Kommunhuset ligger centralt i Charlottenberg. P-platser för anställda och besökare. I huset finns Medborgarkontoret i receptionen.

The poles are available between 9 May to 30 September 2018