Femkamp för grupper

Welcome to book some fun hours with us! Choose five activities from our list, such as Robin Hood, Lucky Luke or Get a horse. We can accept a maximum of 25 guests/Group.

You can find all of the different activities listed on our website: www.carinawiberg.se/51504194. We also offer other groupactivities, such as Teambuilding and Leadershiptests with our horses. The horse mirrors us and shows us how our leadership, Communication and teamwork works. This experience is aimed towards people who wants to develop their leadership-skills and their way off communicating to crete success in their private- or professional life. No earlier horse experience is required.

CW's Natural Horsecare
Västergården Orre
67392 Charlottenberg
+46 703592718


CW's Natural Horsecare

Västergården Orre
673 92 Charlottenberg

Islandshästar. Ridbana och en rundkorall. Kurser i Naturlig hästkommunikation. Ridlektioner och försäljning av djurfoder.

Från rondellen, rv 61 i Charlottenberg, kör norrut, mot Kongsvinger, ca 1 km. Ta av till vänster, skyltat Lersjön och kör ca 1,3 km. Sväng till höger och kör 400 m.

After agreement.