Finnskogen Hiking trail

Exciting hikingtrail along the border between Sweden and Norway. This trail crosses the national border several times.

This 240 km long hiking trail starts in Morokulien in the south and ends by Söre Osen in the north. The thrilling trail is devided into 15 daily marches and crosses the border at several occasions.

67393 Morokulien
+46 57128370

Finnskogen trail

Adress Charlottenberg

The Finnskogen trail is 240 km long and offers an exclusive wandering on both sides of the border between Sweden and Norway.

If you wish to walk the trail from south to north, you can start in Morokulien. The first mark is behind the peace monument.

A photo of the peace monument with the Swedish and the Norwegian flags on each side.Foto: Eda municipality