Morokulien Peace Park

Welcome to organize an exhibition in Morokulien Peace Park.

Morokulien Peace Park is situated on the border between Sweden and Norway. In Morokulien you find the 100-year-old peace monument, a pagoda with the Peace Bell, an Amphie theater, an Amateur Radio station, campground, 2 restaurants, and a Swedish / Norwegian Tourist Office.

Morokulien Tourist Center
Fredsgatan 1
67393 Morokulien
+46 57128370

Fredsplats Morokulien

67393 Morokulien

In 1959, radio broadcaster Allan Schulman suggested a joint Norwegian/Swedish radiobroadcast from the peace area. The name was established during the program and composed of both the Norwegian and Swedish word for fun - Morokulien. Moro is Norwegian and Kul is Swedish.

Riksväg 61 ända fram till riksgränsen mot Norge.

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