Målarkurs Justafarm 19 maj

Painting-class: Create a rustlike effect with Annie Sloan from Chalk Paint at Justafarm, May 19th

Warm welcome to a creative and fun class on May 19th between 11:00-13:00. In this class we will g through the different methods that can be used to creat a rustlike effect. How can you create rust by dotting different colors together? We will be using Anne Sloans own nature bristle-brush and different colors to create these cool effects by using colors, wax and clear-wax. Bring your own interior item, such as lantern, plate, fram, etc. Something that you can easily bring with you (No furniture). The course is two hours long. Applications are binding!

Nordstuga, Norra Lian
67041 Koppom

Deltagande - 495SEK

Nordstuga, Norra Lian

Norra Lian
67041 Koppom

In beautiful surroundings with a village feel. Close by you can find several rentable cottages within walking distance. Close to the forest with beautiful views. Activities such as fishing, bicycle rentout, tractor rides, forest walks and art classes can be arranged.

Road 177 south of Koppom. Follow signs to Justafarm.