The Pilgrim trail in Eda

The Pilgrim trail in Eda and West Värmland follow the old pilgrim route coming from the South. Today we walk in order to get peace to think and pray. We turn off the bustle of everyday life.

The Pilgrim trail through Eda passes among others: Boda War Cemetery, Koppom with the Moomin Valley and the Rose Garden, as well as the bathing area at Lake Vadjungen. On your way to Skillingmark and the Norwegian village Vestmarka, you can also make a small detour and visit Järnskog Church, Stommen old church site, Järnskog's homestead with museum from WW II, Skillingmark church, Fågelåsen's lookout tower, the Bryelse ice caves (February to March) and Klevane old church site. Lodging options in Koppom and Skillingsfors. Eating places and shops in Koppom and Skillingsfors. Special Pilgrim pass is available at the Morokulien Touristcenter for those who wish to collect stamping from the Olav roads. The cost is 20 kr. You can find maps for the different parts of the trail at the Swedish website:

Arvika Pastorat Pilgrimsled
Cisterngatan 25 - 27
67131 Arvika
+46 570728200

Pilgrimsleden Eda

670 41 Koppom

Den sista delen av Pilgrimsleden som har sin utgångspunkt från Värmlandsnäs. Leden kommer in i Eda kommun väster om Krokebol, från Sulvik i Arvika kommun. Den följer den gamla banvallen via Koppom och Beted till Skillingsfors. Därifrån via kyrkplatsen i Klevane till riksgränsen mot Norge och Vestmarka.

Signposts along the trail all year.