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Amateur Radio Morokulien

AmatörRadio I Morokulien - ARIM

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Workmen's dwellings, Eda Glasbruk

Eda Glassworks old buildings is the best-preserved industrial buildings in West Värmland

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August Spångbergs Park

The Park is named after the well-known Eda resident, August Spångberg. He was elected to the parliament at the age of ...

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Deletjärnsåsens Nature reserve

The area has great botanical and zoological value

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Eda Fortlet

Eda Skans byggdes 1657 och demolerades 1814. Restaurerades och återinvigdes som sevärdhet 1947

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The Peace Monument in Morokulien

See the unique Peace Monument that was inaugurated by the Peace Movements in Sweden and Norway in 1914, right on the bo...

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Detached bell tower in Charlottenberg

Built by Olof Andersson from Charlottenberg after the drawing by K. Martin Westerberg, Stockholm. Construction began in...

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Köla Folk Museum Kiöla

An exhibition of old professions in Köla

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Kvickneåsen Nature reserve

Kvickneåsen Nature reserve is a protected area of importance for wildlife, flora, fauna and features of geological and ...

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Monument in N. By

Minnesstenen restes till minne av avlidna soldater i fälstsjukan är 1808

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Morokulien Tourist Center

Tourist information for both Sweden and Norway

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The stonghold at Hultet

During World War II (1939-1945) an extensive defense system was built along the Norwegian border, especially in Värmlan...

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Boda war cemetary, Järnskog

A cemetary for the 100 soldiers from Dalarna that died of a desease during a campaign in 1808

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Gullrosa's Mountain National Park

The nature reserve is 53 hectares and is located 1 km southeast of Skillingsfors

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Påterudsskogen Nature reservation

Varied forest area between Koppom and Skillingmark, with a high proportion of aspen

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Lake Bysjön Bird observation tower

At the north end of lake Bysjön is an observation tower where, among other birds, you may see osprey and great crested ...

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Gråberget Nature reserve

The area mainly consists of the two mountains Svartningen and Gråberget. Three old pitfalls shows that the area has bee...

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Norra Lien Nature Reserve

Söder om Koppom. Användes förr till säterdrift. I området finns många beskuggade lodytor (berg och klippor), lövskog oc...

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Carl Jonas Love Almqvists diktarboning i Köla. Almquiststugan i Graf utanför Åmotfors är öppen under sommarhalvåret eft...

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Kloften Naturreservat

Utsikten från toppen, 300 m ö h, ger en fantastisk utsikt över sjöarna nedanför. Sprickan ned mot Klofttjärnet påminner...

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Kloften Naturreservat

Utsikten från toppen, 300 m ö h, ger en fantastisk utsikt över sjöarna nedanför. Sprickan ned mot Klofttjärnet påminner...

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Naturreservatet Tallmon

Tallmon is an urban wooded area directly adjacent to Charlottenberg. Tallmon have high conservation value and a distinc...

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Skutan Naturreservat

An altitude ridge of 180-280 m above sea level with strong slopes and fractured valley landscape. "Skutegubben" is some...

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Koppom's Rosepark

Enjoy the sight of more than 200 rose bushes and other plants!

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Mumin Valley

Take a stroll in this valley at the heart of Koppom and meet endangered Swedish sheep species. And while you are there,...

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Norra Mon Art Center

Galleri och kurser i betong och kallsmide på kursgård i närheten av Charlottenberg

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Bryelsegrottan (Icecave)

Nature's own spectacular play with snow and ice. At the end of winter, a cave is formed of ice where the snow flow...

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Ryttersfjället Naturreservat

Naturreservatet ligger sydväst om Koppom

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See the unique Peace Clock donated to Morokulien by The World Peace Bell Park in South Korea for the Peace Monument...

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Toppstugan Valfjället

Nyrenoverad stuga på Valfjällstoppen

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Järnskog Folk Museum/ Beredskapsåra museum.

Hembygdsgården serverar Nävgröt och Fläsk i 1800-talsmiljö. Här ligger även Museet Beredskapsåra och Hiombua, en gammal...

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Fågelåsen - Bird Ridge

Every year the Bird Ridge Day is arranged. Bring you picnic basket and enjoy the view

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Remjängssätern from the 18th century was at one time one of Sweden's southernmost summer cottages & the summer pas...