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    Eda has a wide range of activities y...

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    Eda Golf Club

    This 18 hole golf course is beautifu...

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    Eda kajak

    Why not take a day trip with kayak a...

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    Charlottenberg Camping Haganäset

    Haganäset is a quiet and scenic reso...

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    Charlottenberg Shopping Center

    Charlottenberg Shopping Center was c...



25 augusti

Portugisisk Vattenhund


25 augusti
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Jaktdag hos Bug Sport med Eda Jaktvårdskrets, 25 augusti kl 10 - 16

25 augusti
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Kaurna Cronin

Kaurna Cronin is a folk pop band from Adelaide, Australia, playing at Justafarm on 27 July

26 augusti
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Augusti-loppis i Åmotparken

Loppis i Folkparken Åmotfors söndagen den 26 augusti kl 10:00 - 15:00. Servering

01 september

Lilla Tallmoloppet

Spring eller gå!

07 september
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Kulturarvsdagar 2017

Kulturarvsdagar 7-9 september 2018

07 september
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Kulturarvsdagar Åmotfors

Fotoutställning med gamla och nya bilder från Åmotfors. En dokumentation från betydelsefulla platser till samhällsbyggn...

07 september
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Kulturarvsdagarna 2018

Föreläsning av Christina Öster kl. 14 om kända kvinnor i Eda kommun. Även andra aktiviteter huvudbyggnaden och på gå...

The Tourist Office tips

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Walking in Eda

Enjoy our nature!

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Bathing areas in Eda

There are many bathing lakes in the Eda. At most plants are dressing rooms, restrooms, docks, tables, benches and life...

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Charlottenberg Shopping Center

Charlottenberg Shopping Center was completed and opened in 2006 by 28 000 sqm. Since then the center has expanded thre...

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Charlottenberg Camping Haganäset

Haganäset is a quiet and scenic resort located on a beautiful meadow slope down towards Bysjön, one of 1000 attractive...

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Eda kajak

Why not take a day trip with kayak and a Guide? An all inclusive in nature: Eda Outdoor will carry your luggage, and o...

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Eda Golf Club

This 18 hole golf course is beautifully situated between the lakes Hugn and Ränken. The course is a hilly park with a ...

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To Visit

Eda has a wide range of activities year round. Summertime attracts the natural surroundings to eg fishing, canoeing an...


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Alpine skier
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junior world champion
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Opera singer
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White moose
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World champion
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welcome to EDA

Eda offers a wide range of outdoor activities and a variety of accomodations close to nature. Several of the areas attractions are aoutdoors and are available year around. Hiking, canoeing and fishing are popular, along with our nature reserves, scenic views and parks.

I you would like assistance, please call our Tourist Center +46 (0)571-28/3 70 or e-mail moro@eda.se. You are also welcome to visit us at the Morokulien Infocenter.