Morokulien Infocenter private cottages

Private cottages for rent on both sides of the Swedish-Norwegian border. Different sizes and prices.

The cottages are located near the nature with possibilities of activities such as hiking, canoeing, fishing and skiing in winter. Most of the cottages can be rented all year round and is located on both sides of the Swedish and Norwegian border. Each cottage has its own style and décor.

Morokulien Tourist Center
Fredsgatan 1
67393 Morokulien
+46 57128370

Morokulien Infocenter

Fredsgatan 1
67393 Morokulien

In this unique building situated with one half in Sweden and one half in Norway you will find tourist information about Sweden and Norway, maps, souvenirs, money exchange, Global Blue agent and conferensfacilities. Ordinary opening hours 2016 Monday-Friday 8.00-16.00 2/5-26/6, 22/8-25/9 Monday-Sunday 8.00-16.00 27/6-21/8 Monday-Sunday 9.00-18.00

Riksväg 61 fram till gränsen.

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Open all year. Opening hours at the Tourist Center 2018: 1/-1/5Monday-Friday 8-16. 2/5-21/6 Monday-Sunday 8-16. 22/6-26/8 Monday-Sunday 9-18. 27/8-30/9 Monday-Sunday 8-16. 1/10-31/12 Monday-Friday 8-16.