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Ånnebol Bed & Breakfast

A private B&B in an old schoolhouse from 1912, by road 177, just opposite Noresund golf course, close to swimming lakes...

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Röda Villan

An old style furnished apartment with 4 beds

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Charlottenberg Camping Haganäset

Haganäset is a calm and scenic facility located on a beautiful meadow slope down towards Bysjön,one of a 1000 attractiv...

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Lundsbergs Bygdegård

Basic accommodation suitable for groups

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Noresund Manor annexe

Eda Golf Club is beautifully situated by lake Hugn. Here you can stay, play golf and eat well. Accommodation and restau...

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Noresunds vandrarhem

Manor house annexe with accommodation, at Noresund golf course and the golf restaurant (Golfkrogen). Open all year

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Morokulien Infocenter private cottages

Private cottages for rent on both sides of the Swedish-Norwegian border. Different sizes and prices

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Spinnhjulet Skillingsfors

Two-room apartment with central location in Skillingsfors, with the nature close by and access to a boat

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Vita Älgen Conference hotel

Vita Älgen in Åmotfors is a Workshop and representation hotel with a history since the late 1700s. They only accept gue...

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Valfjället/Dream village

New favorite spot for the whole family! Affordable accommodation in modern luxury caravans with nature as a neighbor. S...

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Bönnäsets Camping

Beautifully located by the water in Skillingsfors. They have 110 places with electricity. Price 200 kr incl. electricit...

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Lövås Gård

Accommadation in a quiet Environment Close to water and nature with a comfortable distance to shopping-centers and high...

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GaiaGården Kurs- och konferencenter

Four newly renovated Beautiful double rooms with a wonderful view, plus a family room with 4-6 bedsides, including frid...

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Hälle Fishing Camp

The cottages are located near the Lake Ränken with nice fishing possibilities, sauna, wolf, beaver and moose safaris

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Hotell Charlottenberg

Hotel Charlottenberg opened on 1 November 2017. They offer 149 rooms of which 80 are Twin bed rooms, 10 are HCP, 49 fam...

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Lindblomsvillan is located at Morokulien, just a stone's throw from the border to Norway. Two bedrooms with two be...

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Thors Stugby

2 cottages à 25 m2 outside of Koppom, Close to the Pilgrimstrail and Köla-river

Spinnhjulet Bed & Breakfast

Matservering " Hos Oss" öppnar i Juni 2018 i Spinnhjulets lokaler

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Just a Farm - Stugor

Trevlig semesterstuga på stor tomt, vackert belägen i Norra Lien utanför Koppom. Stort kök och allrum och två sovrum på...

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Ställplats Valfjället

Nyöppnad ställplats vid Valfjället Skicenter