Fredrik Helgesson

Fredrik grew up in Charlottenberg and until the age of 20 it was the football that was when Fredrik played in IF Örnen. One injury put a stop to the football and the vocal career began.

Fredrik is educated at Ingesund Folkhøjskola - the music line - and then at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm where he studied music. After four years at the Music School, he moved to Hungary to study Belcanto for the American tenor Berle Sanford Rosenberg. He debuted at Vadstena Academy in the summer of 1997 as the Count of Carl Ditter von Dittersdorf's opera Ghost with the drum.

Helgesson is a diligently engaged concert singer and has among other things Singing Fauré Requiem, Bach's Christmas Orchestra, Mozart's Requiem and Forgiven God by Lars-Erik Larsson. At the Wermland Opera, Fredrik has regularly participated in both choir and soloist.

Since autumn 2013, Helgesson has been working as a temporary employee in the Gothenburg Opera and has had solo assignments. He is also educated social educator.

Fredrik Helgesson.