Eda Heritage Center

The heritage center arranges entertainment on Sundays during the Summer, and also Celebration of National Day and Midsummer. In connection with the activities, the cafe is open.

The area around the farm was owned in 1775 by Salemon Tholsson in Hammar, and in 1832 his son Anders Salemonsson took over as holder of the land. He is said to have staked out the location of the building after the stars in the sky - mainly Polaris. Anders Salemonsson died, however, and it was instead his son and wife who built the farm and settled there. The two youngest sons were bachelors and lived on the farm until the end of the 1920s. The residential building and the land area was bought by Eda Heritage Center. Åmotfors Paper donated the purchase price which was 800 SEK. The building is nearly 17 meters long and just over 8 meters wide and built of heartwood. The ground floor is divided into 3 large rooms which all of them have fireplaces. The 3rd room is used - after an extension - as kitchen. The next floor also has two small rooms on both sides of a staircase. None of the farm's original buildings are still here. These beautiful old buildings are all moved here from farms around Eda.